How to prepare your home for sale in Springfield Missouri

Six steps to help you sell your home.

  1. Prepare the house for sale.
    The most attractive homes are in excellent condition inside and out. When you decide to sell your home, we will look at it objectively and identify potentially unattractive features. You want your home’s interior to illustrate its spaciousness, so paint walls and ceilings (if needed), organize cabinets and closets, thoroughly clean and minimize clutter. Outside, manicure your yard and landscaping, wash the siding, deck, walkways and driveway. Make any needed repairs – inside and out – unless you want your home to be regarded as a “fixer-upper.”
  2. Set the price.
    There are many factors to consider when determining your home’s value. A survey of home values and recent sale prices in your area, along with an assessment of the market to determine supply and demand, and a close look at your reason for selling, all contribute to the final price assigned to the home. I can help you decide what price to ask and recommend when to order an appraisal. Once the fair market value is determined, we will also discuss selling fees and taxes.
  3. Market the house.
    I will implement an aggressive marketing program to sell your home. This may include listings on the local MLS and websites as well as advertising, networking and open houses.
  4. Show it and sell it.
    Through our marketing efforts, potential buyers will have many opportunities to view your home. Once an offer – or offers – is made, we will carefully review it, consider marketplace options and then determine whether the offer is acceptable. If it is acceptable, we will move forward with the sale agreement. If not, we will determine a counter-offer and present it to the buyer.
  5. Close on your home.
    Before closing can occur there are several tasks to complete. The buyers will need to secure financing and potentially conduct a home inspection. Sellers need to closely adhere to the final sale agreement and take care of any contingencies. For example, if you agree to repaint a room or replace the dishwasher, such work must be completed prior to closing. The closing agent will handle the settlement papers and other related documents. On closing day, you will complete all paperwork and transfer the property to the buyer.
  6. Move to your new home!

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